The goal of this educational program to give an overview about renewable energy and empower students to use their knowledge to improve the energy situation in their home regions to a more reliable, clean and still affordable energy system.


Introduction to renewable energy

This lecture gives an overview of renewable energy to students from the informatics department and the civil engineering department. Students learn the basics of energy, energy situation in Indonesia, climate change and the potential of renewable energy.

This lecture gives an introduction about the basics of power and energy, energy system in Indonesia, global warming and the potential of renewable energy for Indonesia. This course is held for students of the informatics and civil engineering department


Renewable Energy I+II

Similar to “Introduction to renewable energy” this course gives an overview about the basics of energy, the energy situation in Indonesia, challenges of global warming. The potential of renewable energy in Indonesia. This lecture is giving a more detailed knowledge about solar thermal and electric energy, biomass (biogas), wind energy, hydro energy and the importance of energy efficiency.


Praktikum Renewable Energy I + II

Companies often complain, that graduates have a good theoretic knowledge but no practical understand on the field, when they start their first job. The lab (praktikum) courses aim to give a p practical experience in renwable energy. In projects students learn for example how to design, build and maintain renewable energy systems like a small photovoltaic system or a biogas system.



Photovoltaics is already the cheapest energy source in many countries and prices are still falling. The potential in Indonesia is vast but mainly untapped. To use the solar potential, future workforce has to be prepared to design and maintain affordable photovoltaic solutions.

In this course students will learn the function of a solar cell, standard tests for PV modules, different PV applications and their components.


Simulation of Renewable Energy Systems

One key element to design a fitting renewable energy system is the use of computer simulations to compare and optimize systems, predict energy production and calculate energy savings. More and more companies are using simulations to optimize their products and projects. This course is giving an understanding of the basics of simulation, how to use and interpret simulation results.




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