10 kWp PV on-grid systemPhotovoltaics

Photovoltaics (PV) is already the cheapest energy source in many countries and prices are still falling. The potential in Indonesia is vast but mainly untapped. To use the solar potential, the future workforce has to be prepared to design and maintain affordable photovoltaic solutions. 

At UKRIM we installed several PV systems:

PV on-grid
The biggest installation is a 10 kWp grid-connected installation. The installation is supplying clean solar energy for the pharmacy department and the department of Christian education since 2019. Surplus energy is fed into the grid. Actual and historical data can be seen

PV hybrid
2021 a smaller hybrid PV system was installed. The system is using a battery inverter. The batteries store solar energy during the day
and can supply the building at night time or when there is a power cut.

Solar Home System (SHS)
A small solar home system is installed an monitored as an example for small solar projects.

Solar pump
The DC solar pump is pumping around 15 m³ (15.000 l) per day with a total dynamic head of around 18m. The energy comes from two 310 W PV modules. This system works fully off-grid and without battery.

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