Who We Are

The goal of our Renewable Energy Study Center is to train students and people from rural communities
in the design and use of renewable energy.
Rural - we focus on energy supply for rural areas. Over 900 Islands in Indonesia are inhabited. Especially
smaller Islands are still struggling with a stable energy supply. Energy is one key driver for economic
Renewable - Fossil Energy is limited. The oil supply from in Indonesia is decreasing since the 1970's.
Which leads to higher prices. The use of fossil energy is producing carbon dioxide and leads to global
warming. At the same time Indonesia’s renewable energy sources are abundant. We believe that
renewable energy is not only clean and environmentally friendly but also affordable on the long-term.
Responsible - We believe that a responsible use of energy is a key for a sustainable society. Every kWh
that is saved by energy efficiency does not have to be produced. This is leading to more affordable
renewable energy systems.

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14 Mar


Kapel UKRIM dan AMG